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Purple nipples after pumping

So I have tried several different flanges on my pump and assumed they were all too big, so I ordered the Ameda Flexishield which is 21mm. The problem is my nipples still turn dark purple after pumping. I don't have the suction up high since my nipples are so tender. Anyone have experience with this??? TIA

Re: Purple nipples after pumping

  • My left turns purple but the right doesn't. I've used two different size flanges and neither makes a difference. I don't have pain or discomfort so I haven't worried about it.

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  • Could it be Raynauds? Are they white before they go purple?

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  • I'm not sure. One nipple is white before it goes purple. My LC suggested Raynaud's before but I haven't seen my doctor about it.
  • Sounds like Raynauds. I have it too. I've not taken medication for it but I'm sure it restricts the flow from one of my breasts. I do put a warm cloth on them sometimes and it relievesome of the pain.

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  • Both of mine always turn purple while pumping. I assumed it had something to do with them being so sensitive.
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