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Celebrating NINE MONTHS!

i am just so excited to have made it to this point.  i've struggled with my milk supply going down so many times and SO many people telling me I should just supplement with formula and I never gave it.  One day i was standing in the formula aisle trying to figure out which one to buy - ready to give in and I walked out of that store with NOTHING!!  it's been hard work, but VERy worth it.  I pump 3 days a week at work and I'm definitely looking forward to teh 1 year mark when I can think about weaning, but am thrilled and proud of myself for sticking it out! 

Don't misunderstand me though - if you've given formula, I have no problem with that!  This was just really important to me and I'm excited to almost be there!

Re: Celebrating NINE MONTHS!

  • Congratulations! It's great that you were willing to work so hard for something that is important to you! It is really hard, especially when other people are not supportive. I'm hoping to make it to at least 9 months as well :)
  • Congrats!  Way to go!
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  • That is sooo awesome!!

    I love the formula story,very very cool!!

  • yay! That is so amazing,  please send some bfing dust my way!
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