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Home birth? What had been your experience?

Hey Everyone,
I am 9 weeks pregnant and want to have a home birth. I was wondering if any of you have and experiences or advice to share? Thanks!

Re: Home birth? What had been your experience?

  • I had a homebirth and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

    My advice is to read a lot of home birth stories (the Ina May Gaskin books are good for that) and to find a midwife that you really gel with. Interview as many MWs as you have to to find one that you love.

    Also, relax but stay physically active. Get excited about the proccess of labor and birth and about meeting your baby!
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  • one of my friends has had 3 and all have gone smoothly;  I have one friend where it did not (though the outcome was fine thankfully).  For her, the midwife didn't make it in time, the baby (who had been head down) ended up moving and was breech;  the dad ended up delivering the baby--and they had contingency plan after contingency plan;  you can plan the heck out of something but all things don't follow a plan.  Could've gone very badly for both mom and baby.  Talk to some midwives.  
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  • I've had one and plan on having #2 at home too with 2 midwives in attendance.  I would also visit the Natural Birth board - there's a lot of information rg. homebirth to be found there.

    The Birth Partner and Ina May's books are great places to start, as well as finding a midwife you're comfortable with, feel free to interview a few in the process if need be.

    My birth experience was amazing I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I'm hoping #2 goes as smoothly (we'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out ;-)

    It's so nice to give birth surrounded by people you love in a safe/comfortable space, and go to sleep that night in your own bed.  Within an hour of my son's birth my brother-in-law and his wife we're grilling us steaks in the backyard since I was famished.  Can't beat that!! :-)
  • I had a great experience.  Video 'orgasmic birth' was funny to watch, and cut some of my tension.  We were very close to local hospital should we have needed it, and that was a large peace of mind for me.  We didn't plan on it at first, but I LOVED my midwife, and she was so competent and I trusted her judgement to transfer care to a hospital if need be, watching for any warning signs.  I knew myself and I knew that I'd be more comfortable, relaxed, and in better frame of mind at home, and so we went for it.  It was a wonderful experience in the end, and we loved being just the 3 of us after everyone left a couple hours after the baby was born.  Oh, we also had a doula in attendance to help too, which was great for part of our 'team'.
  • I sing praises about home birth all day long! I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it to any low-risk pregnant woman.

    Definitely read lots of birth stories. I liked the birth without fear blog.
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