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When did you start to see a routine with baby?

I am wondering when you all started to see a somewhat predictable routine with your LO. I am not talking about a schedule, just a bit of routine so I could know when she might want to eat/sleep so I might start venturing out more. She will be 3 weeks tomorrow and is still totally unpredictable. I know that this is normal but just wondering when you all saw an improvement.
TYIA for all input!

Re: When did you start to see a routine with baby?

  • My LO is 8 weeks. I started to see a routine about 5 weeks. But sometimes it's off when we get out of the house. He sleeps more when we are at home. If we go out he takes cat naps in car then is up the rest of the day. I guess he's a homebody. I always left the house after I fed him. Then I knew I had at least 2 hours to get some things done.
  • I agree with pp. About 5 weeks was the beginning of a routine. Then at about 7-8 weeks was a good schedule. He started going to bed at 8:30 and waking up once (twice on occasion) to eat and waking up ataround 7:30. It's been great!
    Don't worry- she will get there soon!
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  • I had a good routine going until we hit the 6-week growth spurt...then it was really unpredictable for about a week and a half. Finally coming out of that, and starting to get back to our normal routine. Don't get discouraged! Things will get more predictable soon!
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