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Manual Pump..yes or no?

I will be a stay at mom and not sure if I want to spend the money on an electric pump. I only plan to pump to freeze a couple bottles, and when I am engorged and needing relief. Does anyone have a favorite manual pump and why??

Re: Manual Pump..yes or no?

  • I'd spend the money on the electric one, honestly. I am also a stay at home mom who bf for 13 months. I only pumped when I needed to which wasn't that often but man it was worth it. And especially as he started to wean and I needed to relieve pain. It was so fast.
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  • I've heard that the hand pumps are a pain in the butt and like @hizah05 said, the electric ones are way worth it. A lot of health insurance companies cover the cost of an electric pump...I'd give your company a call and ask.
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  • First I'd check with your insurance company and get a double electric if they'll cover it (why not?). But I had a Medela Harmony manual I kept in my bag in case I forgot my electric pump at home/work or needed it while on the go. I actually liked it and would use it if I needed to pump quickly in the middle of the night for some relief. It's quicker and easier than having to plug in.


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  • I received a single manual pump at the hospital when I had my daughter.  You might want to look into that.  I would also say that pumping with a manual pump is exhausting and takes a much longer time!  
  • Another vote for the double electric... if you can, it's totally worth it!
  • I second the Medela Harmony.  I had a double electric I used to pump while working or traveling, but also used the manual pump frequently.  It was small enough to fit into a purse, I actually took it to several wedding receptions and pumped during the evening and no one had any clue.  I've also pumped on a plane and train with that thing!  Oh, and one time when we were stuck in horrible traffic I pumped to give E a bottle so we didn't have to pull over.  It was definitely worth it for me, and I don't think I paid more than $30 for it at Target.
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  • I have a Playtex electric that I used, the hospital also gave me a medela hand pump and I actually used it more BC I could pump at my own pace. And great for on the go if you ever need it. You could call L&D at your hospital and see what they give you like a goodie bag, or ask a friend who delivered at your hospital. And also your insurance company, mine wasn't covered but my sister gave me the Playtex one as a gift, they're expensive.
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    I tried the manual pump that came with my pump kit in the hospital. I had no luck at all! The electric is much better for me. I stay at home, but I used mine quite a bit. Boosting supply, mostly.
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  • STMs - do you think I absolutely need a breast pump if I will stay at home? I don't have family that I would leave LO with for quite a while, so assuming I'm always around when would I need one?
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