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Control Line Significance

So I usually post my opk's on countdown to pregnancy because I have a really hard time deciding when they are positive or not. I was looking through the HPT's and a lot of them have comments like "finally the control line is getting lighter and the test line darker." I thought that was just for OPK's what relevance would that have with an HPT? I was just wondering if they are kookoo crazy, or if there was any significance in the matter.  


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    Some people think that the "more pregnant you are" the darker the test line will be and at some point the test line hogs all the dye and the control line does get lighter than the test line... but not always, and it means nothing.  I think it's something people look at to make themselves feel better and feel like they have some way to test if the pregnancy is viable... when in actuality, it means nothing more than an HPT that has a light test line and dark control line... it means they're pregnant.  
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