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locks...what to do?

My two year old keeps escaping. We have screen doors that the locks don't hold well and he knows how to get out. So now we keep the inside metal doors locked, but he's figured out how to unlock the doorknob as well as the bolt lock and keeps getting out. The only solution we can think of is to buy a drill and put on chain locks. FYI - He takes off doorknob covers and disassembles a baby gate in two seconds. Any suggestions? Also, how do you keep our toddler from constantly opening the fridge/freezer and leaving it open?
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Re: locks...what to do?

  • We'd tried discipline and reward. He's decided the neighbor's pets are more worth it.
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  • Thanks for the ideas.
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  • Our DS was escaping through into the garage through our laundry room. We did some switching around of doorknobs so now we basically lock ourselves out of the laundry room when we come in. It's the type that has a small slit down the middle so we keep a popsicle stick on the top of the door frame for DH & I to use as a key. We had to turn the door knob around in his bedroom door. Now we have to lock him in each night. He broke all of our knob covers.
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  • I gotta say, the first commenter who mentioned the door alarm on the back door of her vacay home in FL, that proved VERY effective for us! My 2nd floor apartment has an ADT alarm. When it's set, the front door gives you a few seconds to turn off the alarm (of course) before it starts blaring. But the door to the balcony will immediately set off the ((insanely)) loud alarm. It took my son two times opening that door with that alarm going off. He won't touch it now. All I need to do is tell him that the alarm is set and will make that loud noise (he hates loud noises) if he opens it. ((I know it's lying, but I'd rather him not open the doors when I'm not right there to watch him.)) He tried to open the "emergency exit only" door at a restaurant just today, and I told him it will make a sound just like the big alarm at home. He took his hand away and said, "oh." I could tell he remembered exactly what I was talking about, even though it's been months since the last time it went off on accident.

    Long story short, I'd definitely suggest an alarm of some sort, whether it's loud enough to scare him or not is up to you, but at least SOMETHING so that you'll know whether he's ran out of the house without you knowing it.
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