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Quick, sudden illness

Over the past year 4-5 times DD has had sudden outbursts where she is very uncomfortable, at times screaming in stomach pain.  She will vomit 1-2 times, and within an hour or 2 it's over.  This has happened at home a few times, sometimes the middle of the night, so not right after she's eaten.  It's also happened at school, I picked her up about 1/2 hour after she threw up, I never would have known she was sick.  She's allergic to peanuts, and she has vomitted after being exposed, but as soon as she eats it she's sick.  This has happened in the middle of the night, or once within a few hours of waking when all she had had was cereal.  Does this seem strange to anyone else?  The last time it happened I started thinking how off it is.  Usually you're sick for a day or 2, not a few hours.  We're going to the dr. in a few weeks, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar.  

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    My daughter did the same thing just the other night. She woke up vomiting in the middle of the night and did it once more about 20 minutes later and then was completely fine. No fever, no diarrhea, full appetite and energy. I think she may have had some acid reflux truthfully. She ate a bit of a sour nectarine after dinner and then when I went to check on her, she was sleeping with her feet upon a pillow. She also told me that her tummy hurt but "up higher" and she pointed to her chest and throat.

    This has only happened to her once, so I'm hoping it's an isolated incident. Might be worth discussing with you ped? Good luck!
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    My DS1 had something similar this weekend. I had him at the doctor for his 5 year checkup yesterday, and I mentioned it to the doctor. He checked his throat as part of the exam, noticed it was red, and did a strep test. It was positive! He said strep throat sometimes shows up in young kids as an upset stomach rather than throat pain. For my DS, he had thrown up twice, but was otherwise completely fine--no fever, plenty of energy, good appetite, not complaining about his throat, etc.
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  • Could be allergy related. Good luck
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