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I have never seen a name poll with so many Old Testament names in it.  How did you decide on those choices?  Do you and your DH agree on them?

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  • i love old testament names!!  DH and I agree on them mainly because he likes old names and I like them because they are in scripture...
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  • Well, I think I've always wanted a Biblical name for my kid, but for girls, there just aren't many options (except overused names like Leah and Mary, which are nice, I'm just into more unique names).  My husband is a pastor/church planter, so we both agree on the names (except Hezekiah... I don't think I could name my son that).  I just think they're classic, yet unique, and they have lots of meaning for us!  Wow, that was long, but there you go!
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  • Levi is our choose if we have another boy.  And most people who have taken my name poll dont like it.  I LOVE IT!

    I am with you on classic and unique.  And I dont think it can get any more meaningful than Biblical names.

  • Just to butt in, I think if you went with Ezekiel you should use this spelling from the Bible rather than with an A.  However, I'm partial to the name Elijah.
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