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Curiosity about opposite private parts.

DS1 has gotten very curious about private parts. We've found him showing his penis to his female friends and also looking at their parts. He has been playing "going potty" with them too. We have bought different books and talked to him about curiosity being normal but that we need to respect people's privacy and not to ask girls to see their parts or to show his private parts either. We are trying to be very careful to not make too big a deal or to shame him or something like that. But it seems like any time he has a Playdate with a girl they are trying to hide and to look at each others private parts. My husband wants me to take ds1 to a doctor but I would love any feedback you ladies could give. Have you dealt with this with your children? Any positive suggestions? Thank you!
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Re: Curiosity about opposite private parts.

  • jshfjshf member
    I forgot to mention DS1 is 4.5 years old.
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  • OMG, no real advice, but we totally did this when I was little! We played a game about showing private parts (this sounds SOoo awful). It was actually pretty innocent. It was like, "YOu show me yours and then I'll show you mine." I think part of the allure was that we knew it was super naughty so it was kind of a thrill to try to get away with it. PLus the natural curiosity. Anyway, I really don't think he needs to see a doctor. I think it's very normal--all of us in my neighborhood turned out okay. :)

    Your approach sounds good. Maybe there are some books you could use? We have "No Trespassing: This is My Body" or something like that and it's pretty good.

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