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Help Please! Pooping Troubles

My daughter is 3 and holding in her poop. I am not even stressing the potty, I just want her to go. I took her to the doctor and he said the poop is not hard, she is holding it in. I have given her fiber gummies, stool softner and an enema. She is still holding it in....she will go a little bit and it will be a huge process. Anyone have any suggestions on what else to do?????

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    I'd try to see where the anxiety is coming from and solve that while doing all the other make-you-poo things. Is there a problem with the potty? Loud flush? She doesn't like that feet can't touch the ground when on the toilet, prefers to poo standing up? Had an experience with popping being painful/scary?

    Any of those little issues could totally throw a kid for a loop, which then doesn't just affect the potty training but also the very act of pooping. If you can find a way to conquer the anxiety, hopefully, she won't feel the need to hold any more.
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  • Try making a bathroom routine. Have your LO go every day at the same time (like after dinner or before bed) and just sit with a book on the potty. Try fiber 1 bars, limit rice and other binding foods, lots of water (prune juice if possible).
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