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Prelabor signs?

Hey ladies, what were your prelabor signs?  TY!

Re: Prelabor signs?

  • Honestly contractions haha. I didn't lose my mucus plug, have a bloody show, or break my water until I was in active labor.
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    Ty. My older kids were all emergency c's for various reasons so I haven't really labored before. But w this one my body seems like it is getting ready... I know it's different for all, but wanting to be on the lookout!
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  • Nothing. Just contractions starting.

  • About 5 days prior I felt really sick and I had diarrhea all day. I thought that was it but then woke up fine the next morning. My water broke on a Wednesday and that was it for me. Contractions didnt start until I was on pitocin at the hospital.
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    FTM. I felt contraction pain in my lower belly like cramps and low bach aches that came in like waves and climbed to its peak pain and slowly came down. It's a weird feeling and I did not have any other early labor signs that I learned in birthing class like nausea, water breaking, and diarrhea. But I did have the bloodly show.
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