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Anyone order from Nature's Fabrics?

I'm currently having to use two large MF inserts in my BG 4.0, even with changing my daughter every 2-3 hours during the day.  I want to make some new inserts that will be trimmer.  I've looked at the hemp fabrics on Nature's Fabrics website, but I'm not sure which to choose.  The Hemp Cotton Fleece seems similar to my hemp babies doublers, but will that be absorbent enough/absorb fast enough on its own?  Is the Bamboo Hemp Fleece similar to the fabric in Sbish OBFs?  We use those for overnight and I like the texture and absorbancy.  What about the Bamboo Hemp Jersey?  Also, how many layers of a particular fabric would you suggest? 

I also need to make some wipes and wondered if cotton or bamboo velour would work better?  Or any other suggestions?  Nature's Fabrics has free shipping on 6 yards of material, so I want to try to get everything I need in one order.

I know there are a lot of talented seamstresses on this board and any help will be much appreciated.

Re: Anyone order from Nature's Fabrics?

  • I have inserts out of both hemp fleece and HOBF that I used when my daughter was still in diapers. Both worked equally well. My final setup was a HOBF insert with a hemp fleece doubler.

    I personally didn't care for my hemp jersey inserts. It was more of a pain to work with when making inserts, but the inserts themselves were alright, I just liked my others better.

    Either cotton of bamboo velour would work well for wipes; they are both natural, absorbent fibers. I used bamboo for mine because it's what I had on hand and it works great.
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    Thanks so much for your help ITK! I like the idea of your setup because then I could also use the doublers with flats.

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  • I agree with ITK. and I'm sure you know this, but six yards of insert and wipes fabric is A LOT! Lol :) have fun! I loves making my inserts. They are four layers. And bamboo velour is heavenly for wipes
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    @meandmeesh Yeah, I'm thinking one yard of a bunch of different fabrics. :) I'm thinking of making some mama cloth, too. And probably a bunch more projects. That should give me some practice with my serger that I've been too intimidated to use.

  • You could always add wool interlock to make some wool covers for overnight. I've ordered the organic wool interlock and its really nice!
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