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High risk OB recs?

I've just moved to SA in December. Have been TTC #2 for over a year. Had no problems conceiving/birthing # 1 but since October have had 2 early miscarriages at 5 weeks and 1 at 15 weeks in March. The group I'm with has been very apathetic and has done nothing to investigate why I can't sustain a pregnancy. Any recommendations for an OB that treats women with recurrent miscarriages and has good bedside manner? Should I see a high risk OB? I'm at a loss and have been so frustrated over this. We want another baby so badly. Please help if you have any suggestions! And thank you in advance.

Re: High risk OB recs?

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    You may want to check out the UT Medicine Health Science Center Fertility Center.  It's a teaching center, so be prepared for a student or two to be there (you can ask them to leave if you feel uncomfortable but mostly they just sit there looking benign), but as a teaching location the docs seem to be ahead on the latest research and technology.  Carolyn the nurse is also really awesome.    http://www.utmedicine.org/fertilitycenter/

    Good luck!

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