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Best gas drops brand???

and go... WE ARE DESPERATE!!
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Re: Best gas drops brand???

  • Hbird05Hbird05
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    Our LO is 11 days old now and Saturday night she was up all night with gas and cried so much Sunday so I sent my husband to the store for some gas drops but all he could find was gripe water. It's the tummy brand and is organic. We have loved it. Used it last night and she stopped crying and burped and passed gas.

  • We use ovol gas drops and they work instantly for my LO. The gripe water has not worked instantly for us so I no,longer bother with it.
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  • cnbeancnbean
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    I'm pretty sure that all gas drops are the same so I just grab whatever is cheapest. 
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  • We used the walmart brand one ("Equate Infant's Gas Relief Drops") it's only a couple dollars ($2-3 if I remember correctly from last time), same active ingredients as the more expensive, works fast, and is safe to use every feeding. Works great, is cheap, easy to find, and you can keep one at the changing table, diaper bag, and purse since it doesn't need to be refrigerated.
  • Little Remedies For Tummys Gas Relief Drops work for us!
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