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Let's talk milestones

LO has just learned to roll from tummy to back today so now she rolls to her back then to her tummy then to her back. I can't believe how fast she is doing it like a frkn pro. Bitter sweet mommy moment she is growing too fast but I'm so proud of her. Any body else have milestones lately or a bitter sweet mommy moment?

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  • DS maintained a tripod sitting position starting a few weeks ago. I almost pushed him over because I wasn't ready for it.

    That's so funny I'm ready for DD to sit up but not quit there yet.
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    Soothed herself to sleep for the first time by sucking her thumb! (We're having a funnnn time trying to break the swaddle and rock/nurse to sleep habit right now) Sure, it was followed by waking up every hour needing to be rocked to calm down again for half the night, but that little bit of success has motivated me to keep trying.

    She also started rolling from her back to her side (no rolling from front to back or back to front yet), and pulling on her hanging toys to make the music play (not sure if it's intentional but she does it a lot)
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    Rolling back to stomach all the time. She's rolled back to tummy 4x, but with no consistency.

    Oh, her first tooth is poking up. I felt it yesterday, and I see the top edge today!
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  • DD rolls belly to back and back to belly. She hates being reclined, always wants to sit up. When she is on her belly she tries to hard to scootch herself forward. Yesterday she saw a toy and got herself to it by getting her bum up and pushing with her legs. I think crawling won't be that far off for her.
  • Rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back. He has also put himself to sleep a few times and is army crawling, but with his face instead of his arms. He's a fast little bugger
  • DD rolls like a pro and tries to do sit ups constently.  She is trying desperately to crawl and has actually gotten a little bit of forward motion a few times.

  • DD rolls all the time. It's kind of hard to change her diaper now.
    She also can pull herself up when she grabs my thumbs and I lift her slowly.
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  • M was slow to catch on to TT and didn't start picking up his noggin on TT until 4 months, but in 4 weeks he's progressed to pushing up on his arms, rolling both way (not consistent yet), and attempting to gain locomotion in the form of head down, forehead carpet burn inducing leg pushes. I'm so thrilled with his progress.

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  • Watching us eat and making chewing smacking noises afterwards. Grabbing his feet, breaking out of the swaddle occasionally. I wish he was closer to not needing the swaddle but not yet.
  • He found his feet, had his first laugh, got his first two teeth and slept through the night all within 2-3 weeks, it was nuts.
  • Ashton found his feet, rolls back to belly and belly to back, he's starting to push up on his hands during tummy time. Now if only he'd sit up...
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    He has put himself to sleep quite a few times. As long as he has his wubbanub and his aquarium noise machine he is good. I watch him in the video monitor and he watches the aquarium for a few moments then tilts his head to the side and is sleeping. I've been very happy with that. He sleeps about 7-8 hours and is up for a feed and sleeps another 1-2 hours. He's been really good to us that way! As for rolling and such we are a not behind most of you who have commented, he wants to roll from back to tummy but can't get his shoulder over and he gets frustrated. He has done tummy to back for awhile but has seemed to lost interest in that and manages to work himself up and rub his face on the floor/blanket. He is also learning to grab toys when I set them on his tummy. He has a little wooden iPhone for chewing and he seems to maneuver well with it from grabbing to
    finding his mouth. One day I swear
    he was holding it up to his ear like a phone it was sooo cute!!

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  • Sam smiled the other day :) we're a little behind but I'll take it!
  • DS seems to be pretty average for 4 months....he's not really ahead of the curve and not behind. He doesn't roll but he's trying. He smiles, giggles, and does a bit of a chuckle, but I don't know if I would call it a belly laugh? He "talks" to me, and loves to razz. He likes to make the Germanic R (guttural R, for those who care), and just today he started copying me while I stick out my tongue. He also holds his head and body up pretty well, so I can carry him around on my hip while I do stuff, as long as I don't try to keep him there too long.

    And I think he's teething, because he's drooling like whoa and chewing. everything. He's gone through 3 bibs and an entire outfit today. 
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  • DD is not rolling yet at 4.5 months, aside from a few times she rolled from tummy to back. She is super social and "talks" more than my DS did at her age. She can sit up unassisted for 30 seconds or so, and loves her tummy time. She'll stay in "plank" position talking to herself in the mirror on the playmat for a long time. We recently started her on rice cereal and she seems to love it! She starts really focusing and makes chewing motions.
  • Our LO will be 5 months in 4 days and is taking his time on milestones lol he can't roll over yet, only his top half. He still has to be rocked to fall asleep, but he has started to teeth, which means sleepless nights again and more laundry for mom. He is going through a phase where mom can't leave the room without LO crying. He laughs all the time now, grasping toys with both hands, and only movie/show that keeps him calm is Happy Feet.
  • DD started rolling from tummy to back at 3 weeks old now at 4 months she rolls back to tummy and scotches forward and also walks in a walker and can pick up her pacifier and put it back in her mouth :)
  • DD is now rolling from back to her tummy and holding herself up to 'stand' by the couch for a good thirty seconds.

    And 'scootching' backwards- it's not coordinated or deliberate enough to be considered any form of crawling. But it is funny as hell seeing how confused she looks when she manages to back under the coffee table.

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