XP biopsy — The Bump

XP biopsy

I've had two separate precancerous growths removed from my arm and one came back bigger and gnarlier. Then I discovered another weird spot on my thigh.

I went in this morning and the dr was really proactive and did the biopsy then, it even made the appt go late and I got there early. He said I'll have results in about 2 weeks. The one in my leg is also a precancerous thing. It's different than the one in my arm though.

The leg one almost looks like a patch of eczema. The arm one is a bump that was bumpy and scaly.

My mom has had cancer 3 times and I used to tan like crazy, so I'm pretty pessimistic about it.

This is going to be a long wait, plus I have this huge hole in my arm and it effing hurts.

Any experience with this?

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Re: XP biopsy

  • My mother had a patch on her face years ago that turns put to be squamous cell skin cancer. Once she saw the surgeon and had it removed, she was good to go. Now she's sure to wear at least an spf 50, especially on her face.

    My step father also had a patch on his shoulder/back area with I believe was basal cell (the least serious kind). He also saw a surgeon, had it removed and is now fine.

    Im sure its really scary, but you're being proactive getting attention for it, so you're doing the best thing. Trust in your dr and they will treat you accordingly. Best of luck!
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    I also wanted to add, due to my mom's history now, I make sure to see my dermatologist for a full body skin check at least once, if not twice a year just to be safe and make sure nothing goes under the radar. I also dont get a shitload of sun exposure either.
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    I had a biopsy done near my eye.  It was basal cell skin cancer.  It's the "best" kind of skin cancer to get, but still cancer.  I had to have it removed my MOHS procedure in the dermatologist's office and then went onto the plastic surgeon to have the hole near my eye fixed.  They did a skin graft taking skin from behind my ear and placing it on my face.  I was off work for a week because I work in health care and it was pretty yucky for a bit.

    I still get nerve pain sometimes by my ear.  I've had the graft injected with steroids twice to lessen the scar.  Good luck and I hope you get negative results.

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  • Thank you for the encouragement! I'm such a worrier, now I'm going to start poking all of my freckles. I have pale skin, but tons of dark random freckles/flat moles.

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