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Prefolds: GMD or Imagine??

Haven't been on in a while, but I have a question for you guys. 

For those of you who use prefolds, which would you recommend? Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez, or Imagine Prefolds? Or if you have another fav, please tell me about it!

I have imagine bamboo fitteds that I love, and some GMD newborn workhorse fitteds that I loved too. Just not sure which way to go for the prefolds, but now that she is getting older I am ready to buy something that I can just trifold and stick into a cover. 

TIA! :-)


Re: Prefolds: GMD or Imagine??

  • Gmd have really good resale value.
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    I have and really like both. The GMDs do have better resale value though.
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  • I have both and would totally say imagine because they seem identical to me, but the imagine are cheaper.

    However, PPs are right that GMD have better resale value, so if they are only for 1 baby maybe it is worth the extra $ because you will get it back.
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  • I like both of mine but I'd say GMD for resale value.  I've been able to sell a number of diapers but the Imagine fitteds I've been trying to sell just have no interest so I'd be worried that the imagine prefolds would have the same problme.
  • I have only used Imagine but I am very happy with them.  The size large can even be used on our 17 mo. old overnight.  Obv. that might not be the case for everyone though.
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