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favorite teether?

I am looking to get a new one since Anya is not impressed with the ones I have.



Re: favorite teether?

  • Pretty much every toy we have becomes a teether these days. You can stick non teethers in the freezer and see if Anya likes those.
  • Easton has never liked any of the toys meant for teething. He'd rather have his fingers or my fingers, or chew on a burp cloth.


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  • Sophie & comotomo. Also a stuffed giraffe that holds one of those water ring teethers.

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  • A frozen wet washcloth. And cold cucumber slices.

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    I give her teethers but she prefers her hands, feet, and cloth bibs

    Eta maybe it will change once the first tooth sprouts lol
  • LO loves the orange Infantino monkey. I think they make a lion and a lamb instead now, but it's the same concept.

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  • K likes soft things, frozen wet washcloths seem to be the big hit around here. Also he has this weird  frog thing that he always chews on and his burp cloths and stuffed dog thing. But teething rings and all that were a waste of money for us!
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  • Comotomo teether. It mimics baby's fingers.

  • Sophie and we just got the nuby teething beads, he loves it!
  • This is the toy that I mentioned above
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  • Sophie, her own hands, my knuckles and most recently, my face. 
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    Sophie, her own hands, my knuckles and most recently, my face. 

    My DD attacks my face with her mouth. It is hysterical.
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    LO likes soft toys better than the actual teethers. His favorite is the ears from this taggie dog. Also, I sometimes give him a string of those link things and that will suffice.
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  • My little guy likes to try to eat my face zombie style too. Also fingers. And blankets and clothes. He loves to chew on blankets.
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