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Newborn awake a lot

My 16 day old has been awake for most of the morning- she was up at 6:30 am and has only taken little short naps and is still up now (11:00am). I'm hoping that it is just her getting her day/night sorted out, but I thought when they were this little they only stayed awake for short periods.
Is this normal?

Re: Newborn awake a lot

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    Is she fussy? If so, she could be over-stimulated. Try dimming the lights, making the room quieter, and nursing her. If it's gas, then maybe try rubbing her tummy or bicycling her legs. Sometimes they just don't sleep. If she's otherwise eating/peeing/ pooping okay and has no fever, then she's probably fine.
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  • i'm ftm too. my newborn is also more alert now than before.  she stays awake now for brief moments like 20 min at a time.  before she would just eat and sleep.  i think around this time they will have more alert times. not sure what duration is "normal" though

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  • I'm a FTM too so no idea what is normal but my now 19 day old also started staying awake much more right about at 2 weeks. Her new pattern seems to be to be awake about 8am- 8pm except for a couple hours of real sleep early afternoon and brief dozes here and there. Oh and now last couple of days nursing almost the whole time!
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  • How does she do at night? Hoping she sleeps a bit more than she did during the day!!
  • The bump has a sleep tracker chart that I've started using. I would try tracking her sleep for a week to see of there is a pattern. Also you can show it to the doc and get their advice :)
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