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Saw this sibset on Facebook

Lydia, Titus, Leah, Lila, and Layla

I would never in a million years keep all of those L's straight.  :)
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Re: Saw this sibset on Facebook

  • Titus?


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  • I actually kinda like all of them individually. I wouldn't do so many same letter names myself personally but some people just like that matchy stuff. My BFF is naming all her kids after colors. /shrug 
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  • I was getting tongue tied just reading them in my head! I wonder if they would have given all their boys T names if they had had more than one?
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  • Lydia sure is cropping up everywhere now.  :-/
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  • You're sure it's a sibset? Not a five year-old's Barbie collection? A litter of puppies, perhaps?
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  • debikaedebikae member
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    Definitely a sibset.  :)  I am actually acquainted with the mom.
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    EDD: September 23
    PGAL: September 2010

  • Lydia and Layla are two of my favs. But I would never put them in a sibset.
  • I like the names individually but the girls' names are definitely a bit much together! Tongue-twisting!
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