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GD misdiagnosis?

I did my three hour GD test two weeks ago. My doctor's office called to say everything was normal, that I didn't have GD, and was free to eat normally.

I made a corn chowder this week-end, and was really dizzy afterwards, but figured it was simply a common pregnancy symptom. However, when I still felt dizzy the next morning, I checked my blood sugar (I had GD with my first pregnancy) and it was high. Since then, I've been following my old GD diet and checking my blood sugar after every meal, and I'm either just below target, ou slightly over. Should I ask to take the test again?

I'm seeing my doctor in a few days, and plan on sticking on my GD diet till then, but I'm wondering if this is normal, or if it's likely to be a misdiagnosis.
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Re: GD misdiagnosis?

  • You took your test fairly early, and I'm pretty sure it's possible to develop GD later in pregnancy. I would just explain your concerns to your doctor, show her your numbers and see what she suggests. It might not be necessary to retake the three-hour since you are tracking your blood sugar, and I know I sure wouldn't want to sit through that again if I didn't have to! Hope you get some answers!
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  • KondasaKondasa member
    It is so hard to know. I tried testing a few times with my old supplies before my GD test and I am not sure how to really interprete the results. I am not sure if a non GD person would be expected to see the same numbers as a GD person who is following a special diet. I am just going to wait for my test. If you eat a meal with 100 carbs you can't expect to be at under 140 within the hour ( because the GD test with the soda is 100 carbs and the first hour is under 180 to pass.) but 180 is way too high for a GD person on their diet. I would ask the doc what your numbers were. I say this because during my first pregnancy I "passed" the test at 26 weeks because only one number was high- not two. So I went on with life as normal. Around 34 weeks the baby was measuring large and I had to retake the test and failed. This time the doctor asked that I wait to take it at 27-28 weeks to try to catch later hormones. If your numbers are close there is a chance you will develop GD in the next few weeks. In a weird way I am hoping for diagnosis at 27 weeks this time so I don't develop it later and go weeks without knowing. I am taking it Friday and I have already tested my fasting a few times with old supplies. I am sometimes under 95 and sometimes over 95--- so it is a toss up if I will pass on that number alone. Which scares me if I do pass because I know that I go above 95 from time to time.

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  • Last time I took the test at 28 weeks and failed but would have passed at a different practice--my OB office had failing at 5 points lower than any other I heard of and I was only 1 point over.  I monitored my blood sugar without following a rigid diet (just cut desserts and soda) and was never high.  I did not think I actually had it, but in the 31st week, I did start to have higher numbers (but still okay) than previous weeks, so I might have been headed in the direction of g.d.--and then I had a preemie for probably unrelated reasons.  This time they had me take the 1 hr test at 12 weeks and I passed by 1 point (134?) and the high risk doctor still is worried I have it and I'm doing it again at 24 weeks.  I hope I pass, but if I tend to get it late in pregnancy, then I feel like they should do it again later too. So, for you, yes, does seem like you took the test a bit early.  It may help to have a diagnosis so you can get insurance to cover more ultrasounds and strips--if so, you could request the test again.
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