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Irrational fear...UPDATED

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Today is my NT scan. Haven't been to the OB in 6 weeks so needless to say I've been extremely anxious and nervous for today to come. I'm scared that I will go and there won't be a baby or no heartbeat or something like that. I have no reason to think this, but I just can't get that fear out of my brain. I'm a worrier anyway and it's just exaggerated with this pregnancy. Have to wait until 3:30 for my appt so it's going to be a long day, so just a few happy thoughts and prayers would be appreciated :)
Hopefully later this afternoon I will have an update with a picture of a happy, healthy little one.

Today's scan was great! Baby is measuring a few days ahead of where we thought, but everything else looked great!!! Fluid behind neck is normal and heartbeat was strong. Dr said I have a low lying placenta which she said isn't a worry at the moment bc it can shift up at my uterus grows and pregnancy progresses. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and thoughts. It's nice to have a place to turn to for support.
Here's a picture of that beautiful baby...

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Re: Irrational fear...UPDATED

  • This worry is the absolute worse and most of us have been there with you. I'm so sorry that you're worried but I'm sure you'll get a wonderful test result today! Keep us posted and FX for an awesome scan!!
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  • Krisx2Krisx2 member
    I know how you feel. FX for a happy, healthy baby and that you can relax a bit today. Breathe deep!

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  • Annya26Annya26 member
    I am right there with you, except my scan isn't until next week. I felt the same way with my first too. T&Ps for a healthy little one jumping around in there during your scan! 
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  • This is me exactly, except I don't have a scan just a regular 12 week apt. Hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler at least. I'm so worried she won't be able to find it. Good luck to you and can't wait to see your little one!
  • Hoping all goes well today! Keep us updated.

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  • I still get anxious and this is my second go around. It's completely normal. GL on your appt!
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  • My fear seems to increase in the 24 hours directly before my appointment. Usually I'm carefree.... I feel ya! Hang in there!
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  • T&P! The waiting between appointments is absolute torture. 

  • RayRay007RayRay007 member
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    I've had that fear at all of my u/s so far this pg. I had it happen before, with no warning signs, so it's not completely irrational for me. But still, chances are very good that everything is fine, and until you know otherwise, you are pregnant with a healthy baby. I try to counter the negative thoughts before a scan with the positive what-ifs. Like "won't it be so exciting to see a bouncing little baby in there?". Good luck!


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  • I have this thought all the time. Like, what if I go in for my ultrasound and they just say, "There's no baby in there, there never was!" Even though I saw it at 8 weeks. Crazy, I know. I think I'll feel this way until I can actually feel the baby moving around.
  • Not irrational at all. I think that most of us get nervous before appointments. Fingers crossed for a wonderful scan today! Keep us posted!
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  • I know how you feel.  My NT scan isn't until 6/11.  I have very few symptoms at this point, and I'm totally a wreck when I sit and think about it.  Honestly, even one day after my last US, I was a mess thinking something went wrong since then.. it's just par for the course for me, I guess.   Until I pass the point where I know I could have a healthy baby be born, I think i'll be in fear!
  • I am so happy all of you have said you have the same fear! I too have to wait till next week, and I swear I've picked up the phone a few times, about to call my OB just to ask of I could stop by and quickly check to make sure baby is still ok! Crazy, I know, but I feel like it's on my mind 24/7!!

    Thinking of you today!!
  • my NT scan is this afternoon too, and i'm 100% with you.  i've been so nervous all day, although work is pretty busy so that's a nice distraction.  but, i've had a nervous stomachache all day, and i'm terrified at the thought of a missed m/c.  hopefully we can both stay hopeful and positive, and get good results this afternoon!!  
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  • Nervous right with the rest of you and my scan isn't until 6/9. The waiting is frustrating for sure, but T&P the day goes quickly for you and everything is great with your LO!


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  • megbmegmegbmeg member
    I always get worried before an appointment. I think it is totally normal and it definitely doesn't mean there actually is anything to worry about. Good luck with the wait! I hope you get great news. 
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  • Agree with you and all PPs who say this is not irrational at all! I am definitely in that boat right now and don't have my next appointment until June 9th. FX for you today! I hope everything is perfect with you and your baby today! Can't wait to read a happy update from you :)

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  • I'm in the same boat as you! My first and only ultrasound was at 6w3d and won't see my doctor (for the first time) and little peanut until almost 13w!! I can't stand it!!! Good luck today!
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  • Congrats on the great scan!
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  • This is great news!! So happy for you. :)
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  • JCM285JCM285 member
    Congrats on an awesome scan!
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  • kayak11kayak11 member
    Congrats on a great scan!
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  • Yay! Great news!
  • Yay!
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  • I'm also a worrier. I'm so glad everything went well. I always make my appointments for first thing in the morning so I don't have to stress all day. Helps a little but not a lot.

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  • Glad you had a great scan!


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  • Hooray!  Gorgeous scan!




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