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Husband returning to work.

My husband is returning to work after this long weekend and I'm a bit nervous about being alone with the baby all day without someone else. Anyone go through that yet and have some tips? I'm trying to be proactive and have already signed up for a class or two but they don't start for another week or so. How did you get through that first week?

Re: Husband returning to work.

  • LaNorteLaNorte
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    My husband went back to work this week, It was a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes I felt like superwoman, and I got tons done around the house & had a happy baby. Sometimes I cried for hours and practically shoved the baby in his arms as soon as he walked in the door so I could go scream and cry in the shower. Just like coming home from the hospital, it was a big adjustment but we worked through it! My best advice is to make sure you have everything you need when you sit down with baby, because I frequently forgot that I didn't have someone there I could yell for to fetch my water/blanket/burp cloth/pacifier/etc.
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  • katlaikatlai
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    She's 2 weeks old today and we've been home since day 3.
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  • hi we are in the same boat! DH goes back to work on tuesday.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do it - one day at a time hopefully.  i haven't signed up for anything so kudos to you for doing so!

    just know you're not alone and that i'll probably be on these message boards freaking out too :)

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  • My husband went back to work after 5 days, but my mom took the week off so she's been with me every day. I am feeling the same way about Tuesday. I'm worried about her fussing and not having anyone to help me calm her. Also worried about feeling isolated and alone. I guess I will try my best to take it one moment at a time (easier said than done). I haven't taken LO out yet. She's only 2 weeks today. Have you?
  • katlaikatlai
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    We have been trying to go out a little every day because staying at home all day makes us both a little stir crazy. It really does help and hopefully I can continue to do that without my husband with me. Good luck. Let's keep each other updated. :)
  • My hub goes back Tuesday after almost a month off. I had a rough recovery at first. I've been trying to get out of the house too but it's intimidating to do by myself after having help for so long. Thinking good thoughts for us all :)
  • You will adjust quickly. My baby sleeps better in the mornings than the afternoons, so I try to get a shower early in the day. If I wait too long I don't get one. I also make myself a sandwich and some snacks early in the morning so they are easy for me to grab when I am hungry. I try to accomplish at least one thing each day but if I don't It's no big deal. Try to get out or take a walk every day for a change of scenery.

    Good luck!


  • Im late in this thread.. but I hope everything turned out ok for you (I'm past positive it did).. But my husband went back to work today.. after three weeks home on paternity leave... I'm nervous too.. LO is asleep right now, right next to me, but I have to tell you Im having anxiety today like crazy! I prepped her bottles last PM, so I can make them fast without his help, and I tried to just tell myself.. you have been taking care of her just fine, he was just "the help" lol! I can do this! 


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