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what to do for swollen feet and legs

 i know u cant really keep it from happening but how can u help keep it down ugh everytime i get swollen i feel like crap. didnt really have this problem with my first child. 


  • Prop them up at or above heart level, and compression socks/tights.
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    I use compression socks because I swell when taking my daily walks. They help immensely look for 20-30 mmHg for during pregnancy.
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  • thanks so much ill definitly look into that and for sure try to find time after work to prop my feet up 
  • Prop up your feet, drink plenty of water and cut back on any excessive salt/sodium intake. Compression socks can help too. If it's concerning, talk to your Dr./MW, but I suspect if it's that bad, they've already noticed and are watching it as well.

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  • Acupuncture.  One session with a knowledgable practitioner should take it away within 24 hours.  And it will not come back.
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