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Do you have a song or lullaby you always sing when rocking/feeding/bedtime..at some point when you're with your LO? For us it's either You Are my Sunshine or Amazing Grace. We usually sing it to her at nap time and bedtime.

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  • amt0312amt0312 member
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    Barney's "I love you" song. Don't hate. She loves it. 

    oh, and Amazing Grace
  • For some reason there are only two songs that always work: Happy by Pharrel and Let it Go from Frozen.
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  • She LOVES Wheels on the Bus. I sang it to her a lot as a newborn. She was "singing" it to me in the car this morning; I'd sing a verse and she'd "sing" back. She also loves You Are My Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Little Liza Jane.
  • You are my sunshine, baby mine, rockabye baby, go to sleep, wheels on the bus are the top songs thus far!

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  • I'm a terrible singer. DD loves when I sing. Don't ask me why.

    Her go-to calm down is Camptown Races. Head scratcher, that one!

    At night or for naps sometimes I sing any of these 3 and she loves it: Baby Mine (from Dumbo), Make You Feel My Love, or Moon River.

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  • katagskatags member
    For bedtime we sing La La Lu from Lady & the Tramp, and Silent Night (the Christmas carol). I've also got so many made up verses to Hush Little Baby because I can't remember the real ones so I just pick random things that rhyme. It's kinda fun :)

    We also do Somewhere over the rainbow and I Can Show you the World (from Aladdin).

    Stairway to Heaven is our never-fail freak out song. It instantly calms her within 10 seconds, without fail. (Knock on wood)
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  • Baby Mine, Goodnight My Someone, and A Dream is a Wish for naps/night.  Happy by Pharell and made-up "songs" that can only exist in quotes because they're terrible. My lyrics and melody have no direction except to make LO smile!

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  • karah4816karah4816 member
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    I'm getting so sick of them but I always sing Dream a little Dream of me, the mammas and the poppas version, twinkle twinkle little star and you are my sunshine. and when its not sleep time, they absolutely love kiss the girl from the little mermaid. it  always gets a smile


  • "You are my sunshine" is ours as well. Well...at least the one I sing to her..DH makes up corny little raps lol. My mom use to sing the song to me everyday when she would brush my hair
  • I like to sing "Big Rock Candy Mountain" for fun times and "Go to Sleep Little Baby" for sleep times. Both are from "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?"
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  • I think I have bad mommy brain because I can never think of the words to songs and I just make up a song about what we are doing at the time. The funny thing is I have worked with children with special needs for the past 6 years and a vast majority of my day is singing kids songs! Funny I blank out but it has gotten painful at times when certain kids only like 1 song (5 little ducks is an example) and you have to sing it like 20 times in a row every day for an entire school year.. My brain may have tried to block out those songs, unfortunately my LO now gets mommys made up tunes as a result of it!
  • Rainbow Connection is my favorite for putting him to sleep
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  • bnikbnik member
    the cheers theme song and dream a dream of me
  • r0zzr0zz member
    "No one's gonna love you"- band of horses and "that's how strong my love is"- Otis Redding for when she's a little fussy for naps.
  • I've been working on the railroad is our favorite
  • I can't sing "You are My Sunshine" without crying.  So instead I sing "Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird" and just make up rhymes and lyrics.  It's pretty fun, except when I can only think of a dirty rhyme.  LOL.
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  • Bob Marley "Three Little Birds" quiets both of them. I also sing "Wonderwall" and slow down "Friends in Low Places."

    I never remember the words to lullebyes but I will turn any song I know into one lol

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  • I don't know what it's called officially, but  the raindrops song (if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops)- she thinks its hilarious and is trying to mimic the ahh-ing part. 

    For calming, you are my sunshine or whatever song happens to be stuck in my head gets turned into a calming lullaby. 
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  • ArrgcrArrgcr member
    Scarborough fair. If I get tired of singing it on repeat its Celtic woman on pandora. As long as a female voice is singing soprano she's good. Also little red riding hood by sham ham and the Pharos or whatever.
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