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Feed/sleep schedule

Can people share their feeding/sleeping schedule with their newborn? We're just trying to sort out if we're on the right track with our 2 week old. Thanks. 

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    I don't think they are support to be on a schedule/I don't think they can get on a schedule at 2 weeks.  I just let my baby sleep whenever she wants.  I started to see a pattern at about 4 weeks and my baby is now 5.5 weeks.  She goes to sleep around 10pm-3am is awake then sleeps form 4-7am then is awake then sleeps 8-10am then is awake then sleeps 12-1 pm then is awake then sleeps 3-5pm then is a wake then sleeps 6-7:30 or so.   
    That is what she does on her own.. I am now trying to help her stick to it! For instance.. I let her go to bed at 8:45pm last night and then shifted everything forward a few hours.  Tonight, I kept her up until 9:30 and she went to bed around 10:30, after I walked her around the house. 
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    Yes, I realize that they can't really follow a schedule yet but just curious how other babies are sleeping and feeding at this age. Thanks!
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  • I think the PPs point, and I agree with her, is that a lot of babies don't really have a pattern at 2 wks. And even if one does, it may be completely different from your baby's "schedule".

    I have an app on my phone that I use to keep track and I just looked back at 2 weeks. My LO was all over the place in terms of number of feedings/day and what time they were. Sometimes she woke up twice during the night - sometimes three times.


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    I think "routine" is more important than schedule at this point.

    At two weeks, our routine looked like this:

    - 7am-ish, bring baby downstairs, feed, nap

    - Once awake from first nap, change out of PJs (into onesie and pants usually)

    - Daytime -- baby stays downstairs, lights on, everything at a normal volume....alternating naps, feeding on demand (about every 1-2 hours), diaper changes as required

    - Around 5 -- start cluster-feeding, ever 30-60 minutes.

    - 6:30 -- dinner for adults

    - 7:00 -- take baby upstairs, diaper change, change into jammies, long feed in the glider, put baby down, take monitor back downstairs (he would usually fall asleep right away, and didn't mind being left upstairs to "chill" in his crib before falling asleep -- no screaming or crying.  He usually did better if we weren't in the room because if we were there, he would want to interact with us)

    - 7:30-8:30ish, go back upstairs to replace paci, change diapers, feed again if baby not asleep yet

    - 10:00, 1:00, 4:00 or as required -- diaper change, then feed, and back to bed -- lights kept as dim as possible, everything quiet, limited eye contact or talking to the baby  (this was until he was back up to birth-weight, then we tried to stretch it out to 10-2, 10-3, etc)

    - 7:00, wake up, feed, start over again

    Now, at almost 8 weeks, we still use almost the same schedule.  Big differences are that he doesn't sleep as much during the day, but we don't have an established nap pattern yet.  We still do the same night-time routine, but he goes from 10-4:15 or so, then is up again at maybe 6:15 to eat and won't go back down, so we're up for the day :-)  
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  • I am 15 days PP and everyday is different! Yesterday she was cluster feeding all morning and pretty awake from 8-1130! Right now she was up to eat/change diaper at 9 and fell back asleep by 10, she's fast asleep in her swing in the living room.
    She was back at birth weight by 1 week so for the past week I have let her sleep and wake on her own. She still wakes every 1.5-2.5 hours to feed on her own.
    We are trying to get her used to day and night, and I really like what Avion 22 does by putting baby in crib as early as 7. My DD usually doesn't go into crib until 10. Tonight I might try putting her in earlier.
  • 16 days PP and my LO wakes up in the night for a couple of hours and is very interactive, no way he would be able to go back to sleep. This is usually at his feeding that is somewhere in the 12:30 to 2:30 range. Any others do this? I have tried to wake him up or keep him awake in the day or early evening hoping to switch this up and it just doesn't work. He can sleep through anything! Thanks for any advice!
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