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I'm debating about whether to deliver at Bryn Mawr or Lankenau?

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Re: I'm debating about whether to deliver at Bryn Mawr or Lankenau?

  • When we moved to the burbs I had the same dilemma. They are both great hospitals and equally close to us. I chose Lankenau because every time I talked to someone that delivered there, they gave it rave reviews , not one negative thing. I heard some good reviews about BM, some so-so reviews and one horrific experience.

    Plus I found an OB a lot of my friends loved in my insurance that used to work in a city hospital and is now at Lankenau.

    I had my 3rd there last year and was not disappointed
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    Loved Lankenau. I can't say enough good things.

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  • Due July 28th and delivering at Lankenau. My doctor's office is also located there. My husband and I are touring the L&D unit on June 30th. So far, every experience we've had with Lankenau has been amazing!
  • another vote for Lankenau. I delivered DD1 at BM and it was a so-so experience. Its a fine hospital, but if you have a choice and Lankenau is also pretty close, Id pick Lankenau.
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  • I delivered at Bryn Mawr last summer and had a great experience. My BFF delivered at lankenau last summer and had an awful experience. They missed something and she almost died. I guess that could happen anywhere but still scary.
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    One of my friend's delivered her second child at BM and she didn't like the attitudes of the staff there. I've heard nothing but positives about Lankenau.

  • I've only heard great things about lankenau
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    ITS A BOY!!!!!


  • I'm delivering at Lankenau, due December 23rd, when is your due date?

  • hi i'm going to deliver at lankenau. I am due May 8th.

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