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Nipples hurt from pumping - what helped you?

Because of a poor latch, I've started pumping regularly to give her the benefit of breast milk. I'm about 6 days into and my nipples are very sore and very sensitive. Is anyone experiencing this and what helped? 

Re: Nipples hurt from pumping - what helped you?

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    Are you using the proper size flange (breast shield)? You might want to try a larger or smaller size. If you're going to be doing a lot of pumping (like if you're going back to work) then I recommend Pumpin' Pals flanges. They're angled to make it more comfortable. Kind of expensive though...$30 for a pack of 3 different sizes, and you'll only use one size probably. I had some pain until I switched to these flanges. I've also heard of using a little bit of olive oil as a lubricant between breast and flange.
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  • Pumpin pals and coconut oil on the nipples before pumping. Also make sure that you aren't increasing the pump intensity too much.
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  • I slather lanolin on before pumping to minimize friction.

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  • mine hurt too initially - the actual nipple shouldn't hurt but the part of mine that hurt is the areola part surrounding the nipple.  this was because my breastshield was too big.  check out the manual on your breast pump - it shows you what is a good fit or not.  i downsized to a a 21mm and the fit is much better and it doesn't hurt after pumping

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