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question for Canadian (Calgary area) mama's

Hi there Calgarian (& area) mama's!

Wondering if anyone has experience (positive or negative) with the maternity clinic in the new Calgary South Health Campus? That's where I've been assigned but dont see them until close to 25 weeks i'm told (i'm 13 weeks a while to wait). The receptionist says they're VBAC friendly..but with 2 previous csection, i'm wondering just how "friendly" they actually are..

Thanks for any input!

Re: question for Canadian (Calgary area) mama's

  • I have no experience with the South Health Campus but I recently had a successful VBAC at foothills and everyone was super supportive. The nurses on duty really were the ones to get me to the point of success. I should add that I had the support of my family doctor, the OB Dr and I was only 19 months between deliveries which from what I've read is usually an automatic csection. I am sure you will have the same type of support at the south campus
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