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Baby blues

I am 12 days pp and have been feeling really overwhelmed and anxious. I don't yet feel the bond I thought I would with LO. I am hoping it's just the baby blues and will subside soon.
Anyone else feeling/felt this way? How are you/did you cope?
I have great support from my family which has helped a lot, but I just want to snap out of it!!

Re: Baby blues

  • I felt that way with DS1. I didn't have that magical bond with DS and fall in love with him immediately. I wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. I also had to mourn my old life and how easy it was. It took a few weeks and it got better. Keep an eye on it and make sure you know the pp depression/anxiety symptoms so if you need more help you get it.
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  • I am a ftm with a now 2 month old, and I definitely felt what you were feeling. It sounds weird but I found eating often and getting outside helped. I noticed that, for me it got better at 6 weeks, I had settled into my new life, and now knew my LO better, so I was more confident. Keep using your support, and don't be scared to talk to your doctor's. My doctors encouraged me that it wasn't full Ppd and that all I needed was time.
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  • KriztynKriztyn
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    Went through the same thing. I had baby blues on and off for 3 weeks. It helped that my mom would come over so I could shower... get out of the house... and feel human again. Being cooped up with the baby will get to you. Even taking the baby outside for a walk helped a lot. Don't be afraid to ask family or friends to help. Even for an hour! Sleep deprivation will make you crazy.
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  • tlf830tlf830
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    I went through this, I had twins and did not feel the bond. I cried all day, but, I didn't even know what I was crying about. I missed my old life and felt horrible for feeling that way. My Dr. ended up putting me on Zoloft and I am so much better.

    I found that getting out every day, even for a walk helped. Just to see people, get out of the house. The routine of feeding, changing, cleaning was so awful so getting out was a nice break! 

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