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Any Air Force wives out there have to deal with a HORRIBLE first sergeant?

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DH has the absolute WORST chain of command in all of history. They forced us to separate for over a month now because of a fight we got into. No cops called, no police report. Then they are constantly degrading my husband, telling him he's stupid, and trying to talk him into divorcing me. They also HATE the fact that I'm pregnant, and tried to convince him to convince me to abort it. They also refuse to let him come to any of the prenatal appointments, or any of our previously scheduled appointments. I HATE it. I seriously hate this lifestyle. I love my husband to death though. Anyone out there have to deal with anything similar or are all you guys "the military is so great" types? Because if so, I don't want to hear it right now.
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Re: Any Air Force wives out there have to deal with a HORRIBLE first sergeant?

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    He need to talk to someone about this.  Like now.  He needs to document all of these conversations and emails.  If he can, he should make an appointment to see his unit commander (or whoever the first officer is in his chain of command who isn't part of the problem).  If everyone in his chain of command, up to the commander, is part of the problem, then he needs to go to the base Inspector General.  
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  • Nope. I don't have any contact with my husband's chain whatsoever. 
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  • This reminds me of posts I see on OSMW.

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  • I don't believe this is true in the way it is presented. How do you know what his command is doing? Your husband. Do you honestly believe for one second that his command is just bad mouthing you unprovoked? I sure don't. I've dealt with shitty, demeaning commands, and this has gotta be an exaggeration. If this is actually happening, I'd be looking at my H because he is likely instigating it.
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  • NSL said:
    After glacing at your posting history, either you weren't telling the truth to your birth month board about having been arrested for an out-of-control argument you two had while drinking a few weeks ago, getting a referral to counseling, and your husband (not his command) wanting you to get an abortion; or you're not being fully forthcoming about the actual situation now. Regardless, I'd make absolutely sure your husband is telling you the truth about what he's hearing from his superiors before you elevate anything. Also, please continue with your individual counseling. And FWIW, his command is under no obligation to make sure he's available to attend your prenatal appointments. Hell, my H worked as a physician in the hospital where my appointments were held and he was only able to attend a handful. Work takes priority when it has to, just like it does in the civilian sector.
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    Yeah, either you aren't telling the full story here or your hubs is pumping you full of BS.  
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