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Possible transfer to Green River... details please!

I see that this page is not very active, but I'm desperate!  Anyone on here live in/know anything about Rock Springs/Green River?  My husband has been offered a job there, but we can't get out to check it out by the time the company needs an answer!  AHHHH!  From what I can tell it is very rural, right? Anyone moved there from a larger town?  I will be moving there from Philadelphia and I'm not sure I can handle the culture shock or the lack of conveniences.  Not having a Target or a Costco right around the corner seems crazy!  Anyone out there know what IS available in the town?  Any information at all would be so much appreciated!    

Re: Possible transfer to Green River... details please!

  • I just came across your message. Hope I'm not to late.
    I lived in Rocksprings years ago and moved there from colorado so much different then where I was raised.
    The people, the culture, the work. Not sure why but just a real hard town. Lots of meth and booze. When we lived there we heard that 97 percent of the population were meth heads leaving the 3 percent to be sober. After working as a dental assistant there I came to realize how true the facts had to be.
    The women are real hard and almost just un careing or even brutally rude. Never seen anything like the women in Rocksprings. My husband and I at the time would go out to have a few drinks and the women would grab his butt, ask for his number, tell him they wanted in his pants.
    There is a small mall there, kmart, walmart and a few other stores.
    It is most gas and oilfelid work. My husband Is a welder and traveled all over. We ended up in Evanston and been there since. We still do lots of work around Rocksprings but my husband and I hate even being in or around Rocksprings.
    Its all dessert and the wind blows from morning to night. It blows so hard that the semis on i80 blow over and the summers in wyoming are only about three months. We start getting snow real early and summer hits around the last part of june or maybe late may but we still get snow in july. Are weather is crazy but in evanston I love it a lot and compared to Rocksprings its a little peice of heaven. Good luck and let me know if you need anything
  • I agree with pp. 

    my H is a railroader and was transferred there 2 years ago, I only stayed there for 4 months before going back home.  We ended up in cheyenne, which is WAY better and I can go to denver whenever because its just right there. 

    We lived in RS and it was an S-hole. We drove 2 hours once a month so I could go shopping in salt lake. Recently the opportunity to transfer there has come up, but there is no way is raise my kids there. 

    If you plan to rent, don't have pets because it's impossible.  They really hiked the rental prices up because it is an oil and railroader town. There is a new apartment complex that was really nice. 

    RS hAs a Walmart and a  Kmart as well as a small mall with a jcpenny. I think there's a movie theater(?) there is an albertsons and a smiths (Kroger). Lots of bars/package liquor place that open at the crack of dawn. You cannot buy alcohol at a grocery store or gas station. Which was weird to me, since I'm from Texas. There is also a Hastings. 

    GR doesn't have much, a nice smiths but no other shopping.

    Best of luck! 

     ETA: home was San Antonio, tx.

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  • I agree with the other ladies. I live in RS right now b/c my husband's job transferred him. We are TTC, but will be moving back to Salt Lake before any baby makes his/her appearance. Right now, I read alot, work, and take my dog to the dog park to keep from going crazy. Good luck girlie!Wink
  • I also agree with the other ladies. It's a rough place to be for sure. I have never personally lived there, but I've worked there for months on end. It's a beautiful area around rock springs/green river, but the towns are awful. I'm over in the southeast part of the state in Laramie, not much for amenities here but the environment is 100% different, so much nicer! Good luck, I'm assuming you made your decision by now.
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  • BLW17BLW17 member
    Hi!  I am also moving to Rock Springs, for my husband's job, from Philadelphia as well!!  Small world!  I am moving in July.  We should meet up ha!  I have an eight month old daughter :)
  • Okay, I live in Rock Springs and work in Green River.

    I don't think the area is horrible at all.  It depends on what you're into.  I teach, so that's the kind of person I hang out with.  I'm sure many of my students' parents use, but I honestly have no idea.

    Rock Springs is about twice the size of Green River.  There are lots of trailer parks and like others have said, may people work for the energy industry in the area.  In Rock Springs there is a Wal-Mart, KMart, Sports Authority, Hastings, and in the mall there is a Herbergers, a couple of jewelery stores, Maurices, Claires, Hallmark, some cell phone dealers, etc.

    Green River has Smith's and a small ShopKo, but there are also some neat hometown shops like the Book and Bean, and now there's a new art-type place called the Brass Goggles.

    Both towns have rentals available, but I think rentals are horribly expensive, as is any real estate you might purchase here.  In Rock Springs there are two newer apartment complexes, but I don't think you can get into either one for under $1000 a month.

    When you move to Wyoming, you have to come to terms with travel.  We're only 2.5 hours away from Salt Lake, which has everything you would ever want.  Sweetwater County has an airport, but I prefer to fly from Salt Lake.  Salt Lake has several high quality medical facilities, and our hospital here in Rs is slowly but surely improving.  My husband and I head to Salt Lake for our infertility treatment, but RS and GR both have really good general practitioners and pediatricians.

    We have a wonderful community college and excellent public library system, as well as what seems like a bazillion public parks that are really fun.

    Wherever you live, it's what you make it.  I know LOTS of amazing people here, and I don't think that everyone is trash.  Men here open your doors for you because they're chivalrous, and people let you in to traffic and are generally friendly. 

    Also, if you move here and hate it, go spend a day in Rawlins, Wyoming.  *That* is the armpit of the earth.
  • Looks like a lot of the posts are from people who lived in other areas first before coming to the area so I'll give my perspective being a native. I've lived in Green River pretty much forever. Personally I think Green River is a nicer town than Rock Springs - but there are fewer stores and restaurants.

    I agree with MarcieMoo, the area can be different depending on who you spend your time with and what your hobbies are. I don't frequent bars often but when I do I usually go with a group of friends and have no problems.

    Rural areas are hard to live in at times but if you spend some extra time looking there are some great things going on here. Green River has the Green River Arts Council that puts on fun programs throughout the year and Rock Springs has the Actor's Mission that does several performances every year. A lot of the local events are free or have minimal admission fees but unfortunately not everyone in the community knows about the "cultural" events.

    This area certainly isn't for everyone but if you're going to live here there are things to do and good people to befriend - you just may have to try harder to find them than you would in a city.

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