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How do you survive the wait without going crazy?

About a year ago we miscarried our first pregnancy at 9 weeks. This time around we found out that my progesterone levels were very low - which makes me wonder if that was part of the problem the first time. Medicine and shots will hopefully fix this issue. I won't get to see the doctor or do an ultrasound again until 11 weeks. Last time I was doing bi-weekly ultrasounds starting around 5 weeks due to spotting... week 7 I saw a heartbeat - week 9 I didn't. I can't help but be worried about this pregnancy. 6 weeks without an ultrasound - without knowing if this one is doing better than the last. I think I will feel better once I see that glimpse of the baby - growing like it should. Until then, I'll be worried - wondering how the baby is doing... how it's developing... whether it's still there or if I've lost it and don't even know it yet. How do you make it through this waiting period?

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Re: How do you survive the wait without going crazy?

  • Are you currently being treated for your low progesterone levels? If you are, try to take comfort in that and just remind yourself that this is out of your control but you can control how you think. Stay positive (I know, easier said then done) and try not to focus on when your next appointment is. Just focus on the fact that right now, in this moment, you are pregnant and just keep taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. I find that when I am worried or stressed about the baby, laying down on the couch and listening to relaxing music really helps me. See if you can find something to do that can help relax you and take your mind off it.

    I hope everything goes well for you, and the time flies by!

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  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I have been on progesterone since about 5 weeks along. I was on pills and shots (ouch!) until I just got the good news on Friday that I can stop taking the shots and reduce the # of pills. That sounds like good news. :)

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