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Your experience with 17P injections

Hi ladies- quick question for anyone with experience with the 17P shots. I had a 31 weeker due to spontaneous preterm labor last time, so I am on the injections this time around. My doctor made a comment that for many women, as soon as the last injection wears off, they begin signs of labor quickly. Just wondering if any of you have heard the same from your physicians or have been through a full pregnancy on the injections and can tell me your experience near the end of the course of treatment. I know things work differently for everyone so I'm just asking out of curiosity :)

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  • My MFM did not mention anything about that. I will say that I did try to find actual research on this when I first started my injections and I couldn't find anything. On the forums that I found it seemed that many women who did go into labor within the first 1-2 weeks after had a cerclage removal as well. There is plenty of literature out there about the time frames for the onset of labor after the cerclage removal, and I think that it would be hard to separate one or the other and determine what was the deciding factor.

    Basically what I'm saying is, there is absolutely no way to tell. Every woman is different. I would just plan on having your hospital bags packed and be ready for LO to arrive at any time afterwards.

    I still have 5 injections left so I can't share my own experience yet, plus I have already been admitted to the hospital 3 times for contractions and my cervix is non-existent now. My situation probably wouldn't be much help anyway because my doctors aren't that confident I will even make it past 34 weeks so I wouldn't even finish the shots.

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  • They helped me I made it to 36 weeks w my 8 month old .. but I did go into labor at 32 weeks and again at 34 weeks .. was put on bed rest after the first time .. I was on them because I had my 7 year old at 28 weeks ... everyone is different though ... just keep a bag packed and ready ... you never know what could happen
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  • MinaE01MinaE01 member
    I was on them because I delivered DS1 at 32w3d due to spontaneous PTL and PPROM. My last shot was at 35w, and I delivered a week and a day later. The shot hadn't even technically worn off yet, and I had been dilated since 33w. I think it was just my time! I am in the mindset that the shot helped me get those extra 3.5 weeks with DS2. Good luck!

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  • I just finished my 17p at 35weeks. Im still pregnant, will be 38 weeks on Sun. I have a daughter, she was born at 34 weeks. Dh and I have had our bags ready since 36 weeks. I never anticipated being 37-38 weeks or even the possibility of full term. :-) We are all different, and baby comes when he/she is ready. Try not to stress about it, but be ready after your shots are finished. Good luck!! :-)
  • Wally3Wally3 member
    I had ds1 at 34w. p17 shots with ds2 - hospitalized at 32 and L&D 35 weeks (contractions) last shot at 36 wks.  Induced at 39 wks.


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  • I had my last shot at 36w0d and went into labor the evening of 36w4d- but I had a cerclage removal at 36w3d and my labor kicked off with my water breaking- contractions didn't start until an hour later. So in my case it was probably the cerclage removal that kicked off labor- not the p17 wearing off.

    That said I made it from 20w to 36w with only one trip to L&D that ended up with something to stop contractions (and they stopped right away with just one shot of teratebuline) and I give a lot of credit for carrying so close to term to the p17. Good stuff!
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