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Estimated weight over 9lbs

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:-S It's been a week since they measured the baby & he was estimated to be 9lbs at the time. (No diabetes) I'm 5 feet exactly & pre pregnancy I was about 145. Even though they approved a VBA2C my ob is now concerned about the size of our LO. Now I'm going into my 40+ week with the thought of "Is it even worth trying to push such a large baby out knowing the risk of rupture is probably higher?" These are my thoughts, probably not real statistics. I think I'm just anxious, impatient, & now even more paranoid that something may go wrong due to the probable size of our LO. Has anyone had a successful Vbac with a large baby?

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  • My first (the one I had a c-section with) was 10lb1oz, my second (my first VBAC) was 9lb3oz, and my third (my second VBAC) was 8lb12oz. I had no issues delivering either of my girls vaginally, even with their sizes; I pushed for maybe 20 minutes with the first and only ended up with a tear because her arm came out an angle, and it only took 4 or 5 pushes to get the second out.
  • I would try to completely forget about that estimate and not make any decisions based on that. If you go for another u/s before your baby is born, I'd decline the trans vaginal part - that's where they're measuring for the weight estimate. They don't need to do that to confirm fluid levels, which is what the late term u/s really are for anyway. As long as your fluid levels are fine and the vitals look good, that's what you need to know. Not whether they're reading the tea leaves to guess that your 5 lb baby is already a 9 lb monster when you've still got a month to go.  

    My late term u/s was off by 3 lbs. 3lbs on an 8 lb baby - can you imagine? I would say it's all a joke, don't take it seriously, except it's a really awful joke when medical providers who know better use these things to scare people into completely unnecessary interventions based on information that has a confidence interval of 6 lbs, which for a newborn makes it a pretty useless estimate. 
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  • Sweetmelissa5 You are a wonderwoman! A neighbor told me it was a scare tactic & it worked but you definitely have me feeling better. I believe I'm more than able & when I go in tomorrow to my appointment I'm going to make sure they know I'm sticking it out until I'm 42 weeks
  • cecilyandgautam it was off by 3lbs? Yikes! Then it makes me wonder what is the point of them even telling us the estimate if it isn't accurate. & yes all the fluid levels looked really good so I guess that's all that mattered.
  • I had a VBAC w a 10lb10oz baby. I refused late u/s w him, so we didn't know he was going to be that big. My first was 8lbs. How much past 40w are you? Were your other babies big? Take it one day at a time, and I would definitely refuse any more sizing u/s. Good luck!
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  • Nosoup4u I'm 40+1 today. I know I have 14 days before they start pressuring me. I've had a variety of them, 1st was 7lbs14oz, 2nd was 5lbs at 32 weeks, 3rd was 9lbs8oz he was my emergency cesarean due to his heartrate falling, & the last was 7lbs10oz.

    It just feels so good to hear there are women who had above avaverage babies & had a successful vbac. It eases my mind. I know my anxiety is going to come back when I walk into my appointment later.
  • Well, if the cs was for heart rate, and you've had successful vaginal births before, those are both reasons for them not to panic over size. Hope your appt went well, it's hard when yr pg and stressed!
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  • Just to update you all, I went in and they tried to schedule me for a cesarean. I denied it & was willing to schedule something for my 42nd week which would be the 1st week of June. After leaving the office they called me to tell me it would have to be next Tuesday through Friday. So they took it upon themselves to schedule me for the 28th so when they called to schedule blood work I clearly made it known that next week wouldn't work for my family & I was told I would have to call my Dr's office to reschedule. Guess I'll call next Tuesday to reschedule.
  • Stand your ground! Good luck!
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