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There go my platelets

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  • They can usually treat pregnancy-induced low platelets with medication if low platelets are occurring alone and not in conjunction with pre-e/HELLP. Up to 10% of women have gestational thrombocytopenia (low platelets) by term, but with your history, I think you need to ask your doctor what the odds are that you have run-of-the-mill gestational thrombocytopenia vs. your body going in the direction of pre-e/HELLP again.

    FWIW (i did not have HELLP btw) mine went from 120 to 70 basically overnight at 38.5 weeks, I was put on prednisone and they were 130 by the time I went into labor naturally a week later. Low platelets in the absence of HELLP are actually not super concerning until they are very low. Most hospitals give the cut-off to get an epidural at 100, although I delivered at an academic hospital and the head anesthesiologist said newer research shows they are safe as low as 70. In non-pregnant patients, they don't even treat low platelets until they are below 50 and you're not at risk of a major bleed until they are below 10.

    I hope that helped somewhat. GL and I hope you have a healthy, full term delivery.
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