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Who is in a homeschooling slump?

I'm feeling a bit burned out.  It's that time of year.  Probably because it's been a loooooooong winter and we hit the books pretty hard since there was nothing else to do indoors for months.  Now the sun is starting to shine outside and I'm feeling over school.  I'm trying to stick with phonics and math, but I've been letting the rest go.  We need a break.  Maybe we'll take the rest of the month off until Resurrection Day and then refocus.

Anyone with me?

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  • I think that would be a great idea, since you were hitting the books pretty hard for so long. You have your hands full and you're doing a great job it sounds like, so enjoy a little break! That's the beauty of homeschooling!

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  • Oh, yeah, I'm with you! We've been doing what I call "homeschool light" for the past couple of weeks. We have managed to get almost all of the Spring Cleaning done, though.
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  • Trust me, I've been through what you're calling the 'homeschooling slump' more than twice since I began. Sooner rather than later, it passes off on its own. The luxury of homeschooling is that your child can still be learning even when you're sort of taking a holiday (without books). Engage in some fun activities outside - learn gardening together, go for swimming classes (this I did myself one summer when I was going through the 'slump' and my daughter is an ace swimmer now so I think it paid off) or something which interests your kid. And if it's anything like what I've experienced in the past, it will gradually pass off in a month or two at the most and you'll come back rejuvenated and raring to hit the books (now I can't promise your kid will echo your feelings at this point of time...mine sure didn't; his extended holiday needed to go on all year round!). So my advice to you would be just chill, take a couple of days off, relax, and forget about books. But yes, do set a time limit to your 'vacation from books' time.
  • We've hit a major slump! I think partly due to the abrupt heat, and partly due to being so over and dissatisfied with this curriculum. Dd is so bored!!! We've already dropped all the other subjects besides math, and I've been filling in with "units." I say that half heartedly because there's only do much unit stuff my brain can come up with at this burned out stage. Lol

    Just to get through the math, I've even give looking for fun math books at the dollar store. I'm not sure why is different adding princess crowns over worms and apples, but it's helped!
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