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VBAC 14 months after twin C section

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Hello, I had my twins via emergency c section 14 months ago due to extreme high blood pressure.I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and starting to do research on my birthing options. One doctor at my practice told me I could choose VBAC or a scheduled C section, and then at another appointment a different Dr. told me I need to have a C Section because its been less than 18 months. Has anyone had a sucessfull VBAC less than 18 months out? I'm nervous but I really want to have this baby naturally, I was told that after 2 c sections if we choose to have more children they would definitly not let me birth naturally.

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Re: VBAC 14 months after twin C section

  • Oh my goodness I feel like I just met myself :) I'm also trying for a vbac after a twin c-section! Although mine was 11 months ago. My doctor recommends supports my choice for a vbac and thinks it is the best option for me. I guess it depends on where you live how you go about qualifying for a vbac. My bestie had a vbac and her pregnancies were just 7 months apart. It was a successful birth. I think you should go with the doctor who says you qualify for the vbac. Because the more c-sections you have, the less you qualify for one. At my hospital the maximum # is 2. After 2 it's hard finding a doctor that'll do one for you. I wish you the best of luck! 
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