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Northside Breastfeeding CLass

Has anyone taken the Breastfeeding for couples class at Northside? If so, would you recommend it? Worth the money? Thanks!

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  • I did it last time around with DH. I definitely thought it was worth it. It gave me more info, but more importantly (to me) it gave DH more knowledge on what exactly I would be doing, what help/support I may need and just an overall better understanding of it all.
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  • I didn't do it. I wish I would have.


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  • szjonesszjones member
    We did that class and the baby essentials since we were totally clueless. Both are great.  We should have done CPR too, I'm certified but hubby isn't. 
  • klt3584klt3584 member
    Thanks for asking this question ekbharrison!  DH and I are signed up for one in June and I was hoping it was worth it. I signed up because I had a lot of friends like JulesDiane that said they wished they would have taken one. jnnfrrose6 I think it will be helpful for DH as well (similar to the labor and delivery class). Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

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