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Germany and Autism

Hello ladies. My son was recently diagnosed on the spectrum. Dh is looking into a possible pcs to Germany. I am wondering if Germany is autism friendly or will we end up having to stay stateside. Dh is AD Army.

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    I do not have any experience with a child being on spectrum, but I have ADHD as an adult. I have had a difficult time finding a good psychiatrist to oversee my med management. A really difficult time. Until quite recently, dependents had to be seen by host nation providers for mental/behavioral health.

    Things may depend upon your DH's potential duty station. If it is near appropriate facilities, and there is space available, your son may pass the screening process, but it's less likely if your DH is bound for a smaller base.

    Personally, while living here in Germany has been a good experience for our family, it is not easy. Knowing the challenges I've had trying to get decent care for my condition, I'd ask a lot of questions about the supports that will be available to your son, medically and educationally. And, keep in mind, as soldiers stationed in Europe, they are often tasked for assignments that could take them away from home. (We moved here in March 2012 and my DH deployed three months later.)

    Good luck. I hope that things work out for the best for your family.
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  • I grew up in Germany (Army Brat) I still have family there. I will contact some of my cousins later today and see how Autism friendly they are. I want to say my cousins son is on the spectrum but I am not 100% sure and don't want to give false information.
    What I have come to notice since being back stateside is that European countries tend to be more accepting of a tons of things that Americans have a problem with or have a hard time understanding.
    Good luck to you and I will get back with you as soon as I can get ahold of my cousin.

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