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Miami, Florida?

Dh was recently nominated for a position down in Miami. Anyone ever been stationed down there? Pros and Cons? I do have family there but never been in the area long term. TIA.

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  • Avion22Avion22 member
    My husband grew up there, so I'm fairly familiar with the area, but have never been stationed there.  Is this Homestead?
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  • Gismo123Gismo123 member
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    My husband was stationed at a federal building in Miami back in 2004-2007.  He loved it...he lived in Coral Cables.  I visited him there and reallllllyyyyyyyy loved it, I loved Florida so much we made sure to get orders back here lol We live in Saint Augustine, FL now.  Anyway Miami is nice but it is a party town and I personally wouldn't want to raise a family there but if you're ok with the party town part,  then I would say go for it!
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  • My dad worked in Miami when I was a kid, but we lived closer to Ft. Lauderdale. It was a longer commute for him, but we didn't want to live in Miami. Party town, lots of tourists, lots of crime. I would suggest looking for a place to live outside of the city.
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