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BH or Tightening...When to worry

Looking for a little advice regarding BH contractions or stomach tightening.  I have had a few days where my stomach just feels tight all day with contractions sprinkled in and I am not sure when to worry.  In my previous pregnancy I had cervical shortening, pre-e and delivered at 30w6d.  I have been told that my preterm labor in that pregnancy was a result of the pre-e and not just random, but I am still pretty concerned and have been on the progesterone suppositories since 16w.  My cervix seems to be stable this time around and measured 3.1cm last week at 25w.  I have called a few times and am told every time not to worry unless the contractions are painful or regular.  Having a preemie previously puts me on edge already so I am looking for any helpful advice or insight.  I am 26w today and I just keep telling myself that we can make it to 37w!

Re: BH or Tightening...When to worry

  • I have IC and just the BH cause my cervix to shorten. If your cervix is being monitored and the BH aren't affecting it, then you should be ok. If its not being monitored,, I would def ask for an appnt very soon to have it measured. Hope you're feeling better now

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