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Brushing Teeth and Dentist

How are you all (the six of you left!) doing with brushing your LO's teeth?  Allison is hit and miss on if she does it and we haven't been fighting her too hard yet.  Are you using toothpaste or baby toothpaste?  Have they been to the dentist?

Our family dentist said to bring Allison with at our next appointments (in June) and she can sit on our lap and the dentist will take a look but not a real exam.  We don't have a local pediatric dentist so I'm wondering if it is worth it to find one?

Just curious as to what the rest of the 212 is doing.
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Re: Brushing Teeth and Dentist

  • Our dentist said to wait until she is closer to 3 years and to use an electric toothbrush to help clean the areas better. Nat brushes her teeth every night and hit or miss in the mornings (depending on how on top of it I am). The only problem we have is that we tend to brush her teeth and then she drinks her milk before bed. We need to reverse the order in our nighttime routine a bit.

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  • We brush Addy's teeth after breakfast and dinner. She's pretty good about letting us do it and then she brushes a bit too. We use a tiny bit of toothpaste (Colgate for kids). We will probably take her to a dentist sometime this summer... Not 100% sure yet.


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  • K has been a good brusher since we really started doing it regularly around 1. We've been using regular toothpaste from the beginning, little bits of it. Our ped said it was totally fine. We also use a regular adult toothbrush. For a short time we were using an electric toothbrush but lately she seems scared of it so it's back to the regular one.
    Oh and our dentist told us to bring her in for the first visit when she turns 3. And at that point they just expect her to sit and watch Mom/Dad get their teeth cleaned or something like that.
  • I was told by our insurance rep to wait to add her when she's 3. Dentist agreed, so we'll add her next open enrollment. We have the same issue as @pinkshades05 - We brush, THEN she nurses. Since we no longer nurse to sleep, every blue moon I get her to brush after nursing. But so many nights nursing gets her groggy and I don't want to snap her out of that. We're also lucky if we get them brushed in the morning - we kinda suck at this. We use orajel training toothpaste (fluoride free), and a regular kids toothbrush.
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  • DS2 has 3 tooth brushes (grandparents :) ) so i let him choose the one he uses. He has gotten a lot better at letting me do it after he brushes them. Somedays it is a waste, but others is good. He really likes his electric car toothbrush.

     And I took him to the children's museum when they were having free dental screenings b/c I didn't want to pay for a visit to the real dentist yet. He did a great job just laying on my knees and letting her look. I will start the real dentist when he is closer to 3.

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  • Thanks everyone... :)
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  • I'm late to the game but...

    I don't brush his teeth as often as I should...he fights it so bad and I hate wrestling him!  When we do brush, I use the toddler tooth paste.  My ped and dentist both said taking him to the dentist isn't necessary until 3, so we're waiting.  Plus, I need to get him added to my dental insurance!

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