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Introducing myself

dani2480dani2480 member
Hi ladies! I'm not yet pregnant, but DH and I are planning to start TTC for #2 this month. We have one amazing daughter, who was born in July 2012.

While our daughter couldn't be more wonderful, her entrance into this world was anything but. I posted our birth story on TB shortly after DD was born. You can read about it here:

We are still committed to having a VBAC for our next birth, if possible. I've spent the last 21 months researching and reading, working on the emotional trauma, and otherwise trying to prepare. We originally planned to start TTC last October, but even though DH has been ready for another child, I put TTC off until now because I knew I wasn't ready. But, I finally feel like I have enough ducks in a row that I'm comfortable moving forward.

I'm really looking forward to learning from you all, and getting to know you. Best wishes to all of you for a healthy, healing and happy future birth experience!
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Re: Introducing myself

  • welly01welly01 member
    Hi, welcome!  We just started TTC this month as well.  :)
                                                                                              BFP #1 3/2/12, T born 11/7/12
                                                                                                 BFP #2  7/2/14, CP 7/6/14
                                 BFP #3 8/28/14, MMC 10/2/14 @ 9wks - misoprostol 10/6/14, D&C 11/3/14 for retained tissue
                                       BFP #4 12/25/14, EDD 9/7/15 - please stick baby, you are so loved and wanted!!!!!                                                                                           
                                            image  image                                                                      
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