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The last few weeks I have had waves of nausea ( I also had a terrible stomach virus). This morning and yesterday I didn't feel like drinking coffee. I also noticed a heightened sense of smell when changing my daughter's poopy diaper, which made me gag. I am still breastfeeding all throughout the day and night on demand. I had my first period in December and it left in March (the same time my daughter breastfed every 1.5 at night due to teething) I thought nothing else of it. Just curious to see when my period would come back as I wanted to have a baby while we were stationed in Germany since my father was born here and his family etc. I thought it would be neat. So... At the end of March I took a test bc my period never came and then again the first week of April. Both negative. All day I played mind games with myself - going back and forth- you're pregnant, no way you're pregnant. After battling a storm to drive to the local pharmacy, I am indeed pregnant. I am still shocked. Lol I am excited but nervous about the journey at the same time. I had a bad experience at the end of my pregnancy and hope I don't have anything similar with a month early induction, very bad swelling, csection etc. I hope I continue to be a stellar Mom to Raz during this process. I can't wait to figure out my due date bc I honestly have no idea. And I have been training for a half marathon- something I wanted to accomplish my 30th year. I got up to 9 miles Saturday but I guess I should put that on hold for now. Anyway, I'm excited and wanted to share. I am now thinking of clever ways to tell the fam stateside.
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  • Congrats!

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  • Congratulations!!

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  • Congrats!
  • Congrats! No need to stop running unless your doc tells you so! Staying active is great! Depending on the temp for your 1/2 marathon, and how far along you will be, you may still be able to run it. Just stay super hydrated and get an okay from your doc beforehand. Can't wait to hear how far along you are too! Mystery baby, so sneaky!
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  • Thanks ladies. :) I have my first appt Wednesday. Also I'm not going to give up running just not doing long distance. I've felt super tired all week. I'll keep you posted after the appt.
  • Thank you :)
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    Congratulations...that's so exciting!
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  • Congrats!
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  • Well today's appointment was interesting. As a recap I found out last week I was pregnant but didn't know how long because I'm still breastfeeding. After the routine blood work and pap I had an u/s to determine the due date (since we had no idea). Looks like I'm 9 weeks 2 days due date December 22. My dr suggested a repeat csection a week before my due date (due to my first - after induction dilated to 10, pushed for 3 hours- she didn't budge- ended in section). He also said my homework is to stop breastfeeding. Ha! Easier said than done. Raz loves the boobs, I weaned down to 3x during the day and 1x at night. So I will gradually try to cut out a feeding per a few days or week? It's tough bc she's teething right now. He said it's a lot of energy exerted to grow a baby plus breastfeed. We will see how this goes. :)
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    Congrats! I wonder why your doctor suggested to wean - I'm hoping to be able to tandem  nurse at least a few times (cuz it's something I've always wanted to try, lol), but we are already down to just bed time/overnight/morning and not sure he will last until the new one comes.
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