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Should I give him formula?

So I used up the last of the formula about 2 days ago. Up until then E was taking 4 bottles a day which were 2/3 cows milk and 1/3 formula. We have been mixing for about 3-4 weeks now and He was doing pretty good. Also been sleeping thru the night for months now. We'll after running out of formula on Thursday I decided not to buy anymore, thinking he was ready for all cows milk. But Friday he had a fever all day and most of the night, so he didn't eat or drink normally. Now today he is fever free but not really drinking much milk. It's about 4:00 here and he's had maybe a total of 10 oz all day. Do you think I should wait it out a few more days to see if he will start drinking more? I'm tempted to run to the store to get formula because I'm worried he's really hungry. Or maybe it's not the milk at all and maybe he still doesn't feel good. What do you think? Anyone else having trouble with the transition ?

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