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I can SEE baby move and kick!

Wow! As of last night, not only can my hubby and I feel baby's kicks, we can see them now! It's the craziest sight, but so awesome! I am FTM 21w5d.

Re: I can SEE baby move and kick!

  • Aww that's so cute!!! I can't wait to feel and see movement!

  • Very exciting, but just you wait. It gets weirder. Especially when you can see/feel an elbow or a foot sticking out. My favorite was when DS would roll over and lay sideways toward the end and my belly looked like a sideways football. I could feel his butt sticking out and when I would push it, he'd move it back in and my belly would morph into a different shape. It's amazing and amazingly creepy all at the same time.
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  • That's awesome!
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  • I have seen tiny movements from the outside very randomly for about 2 weeks now.  DH has only noticed it once or twice and it is not every day.  I guess they must have been pretty big kicks those few times since we don't see them everyday.  DH is able to feel LO pretty consistantly when I feel it.  I am also a FTM.

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  • We have been feeling her kick for a while now, but yesterday was the first day to actually see her kick. I only saw it once, but it was WAY cool! Also, when I was checking her out with the doppler, she kicked the wand and made it move. lol It was awesome!
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  • So cool!  It just gets more extreme as baby gets bigger.  I remember being in a meeting at work towards the end last time and baby was moving all over, and my co-worker staring at my belly with jaw practically on the ground when you could clearly see a foot pressing out from time to time.  Its kind of creepy.
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  • Fun huh? I didn't feel any movement with DS until 22 weeks, so to be able to SEE movement at 20 weeks with this one is amazing to me!
  • so jealous!! i am a FTM also and can still only feel her.. my DH lays and listens to her bumping around when i feel her.. can't see or feel on the outside yet.. but i am thinking it will come later on since i am a bigger girl..

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  • so exciting, can't wait for that!
  • Just saw mine move for the first time yesterday.  I called my husband and told him that "it's like watching a cat trapped under a sheet".  He laughed and then replied with, "Cool...but weird."
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