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Take your growth chart and.....

I have not posted in a very long time, but this morning I received news that has me so mad. How did your babies do on the growth charts at 1 year? DD is small and has been since birth and I'm ok with that. However, now my dr is making us get measured every month because she is still small. DD is very active and never sits still. She is not one to sit on your lap and snuggle all day. She wants down and is always on the go. For the first year the dr was ok that she was little, but now it's different. We got measured yesterday with a nurse and in a month from her last visit (mind you she had been sick for about a month -month and a half off and on with sinus stuff and wasn't eating as well at her 1 yr) she gained a full pound and an ounce. I was happy with this, but nope my dr called this morning and we go back in June and the dr wants to do lab work! What?? I asked why and the nurse said because the dr wants to see if she is really ok and is just small. She has been small from the beginning. She was 7lb 2oz at birth and was 6lb 8oz at her first dr visit 4 days later. From there she has grown evenly but slowly. She is 16lb 12oz now. And I should add I was a very small baby as well. I know she is little, but she eats everything we eat, plus some. She does still nurse and after nursing eats another 4-5 oz of whole milk. She gets 3 meals a day plus snacks all day in between meals such as Cheerios or fruit in addition to nursing and whole milk. I am so frustrated that they think she needs lab work now. She is so active and if you look at her she has the little baby belly and looks perfectly fine (aside from being little). Why is this an issue now when it was never a problem before? I don't know what else to do. Any though would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Like @jthree I am no expert, but it sounds like she is eating and drinking a LOT to be so small. I think your doctor probably would rather be safe than sorry. I understand your frustration and also your apprehension at something that will be painful for your baby, but at least you will be reassured that everything is okay and perhaps the doctor will also be less concerned about her size after the work is done. Hang in there!


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  • She has grown consistently height wise and the dr has said her height and weight match well. She is 28in. And maybe she should be a little bigger but like I said she was sick for quite some time off and on and wasn't eating much at all, so I think she is catching up considering in a month she gained so much.
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  • Kate_CKate_C member
    My daughter was smaller than yours at birth (6 lbs 8 oz.). At one year, she was just shy of 18 lbs, right after having a stomach bug. I suspect your daughter has fallen on the growth curve and that's why the concern. My 2.5 YO fell on the curve and they did lab work to check his thyroid etc too. It never hurts to just make sure everything is normal. Your DD is probably just fine, but better safe than sorry.
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    My DD was only 17 lbs 4 oz at her 1 year appt so I know it can be frustrating, especially since it seems like she is eating well.

    Getting the lab work done will at least give you answers. If she is just small then you'll find that out and wont have to worry but I agree with the "better be safe than sorry" approach. Sorry you're having to go through this!
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  • My dd was 10 lbs 8oz at birth but is 19 lbs now. Everyone says she's so little but she is just like your daughter-always on the go and is never still. It would probably bother me to but like someone said the dr is just probably covering his/her butt in case there is an issue.


  • If she has always been in the 10th percentile then NBD... Like PP said, if she has been consistently falling off her growth curve, it is better to just check to make sure (metabolically/endocrine-wise) everything is normal. Don't view it as a critique of your parenting. It isn't. You doctor's job is to make sure your child is healthy. Some docs are just more cautious (for lack of a better word) than others. You sound like you have a great eater and an active baby! Probably just a petite kid but it would be a shame to miss something harmful
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    Really good advice above. In the real world, there are all different body shapes and sizes and types, and it is likely that your daughter is just a small person!  But doctors are risk-averse and it is their job to make sure they rule out any other issues that could be happening.  Don't be frustrated -- be happy that your doc is looking out for the health and well-being of your doctor.  After a few months, she might not even need those appointments anymore.  There is probably nothing wrong, but if there IS, wouldn't you want to catch it now and figure out how to manage it, rather than a year down the line when she's really struggling?

    Hang in there -- if anything, I'd be annoyed by the hassle factor of going to the doc each month, but it is time and effort well spent.
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