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Umbilical cord accidentally pulled off during newborn photos

My DD is 12 days old and her cord hasn't really looked ready to come off, but when the photographer, who was super gentle and great with her the while time handed her to me it was stuck to her leg. Its a little oozy but she doesn't seem upset by it. Everything I've read said don't pull it off. I don't think its pedi calling worthy, so I'm asking y'all for some thoughts. Just watch for infection and keep it clean? Anything else I should worry about?
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Re: Umbilical cord accidentally pulled off during newborn photos

  • Penny lost hers on like day 4 from it rubbing against her clothes. It was a bit red for a few days but we watched if closely and cleaned it often and she has the perfect little belly button now :)
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  • I wouldn't worry. I bet it fell off naturally. On Monday my pediatrician said my DS umbilical cord was no where near falling off, but I ended up finding it in his sleep sack later that night. It had fallen off. :)


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    It sounds like it just fell off. It's not like you pulled it off. My Lo's fell off when I lightly brushed it during a diaper change and I still consider that falling off. Just make sure it doesn't get red or have any discharge.
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  • Thanks all. She was in and out of swaddles and buckets. I'm guessing it got caught on one if those. It just seemed sudden considering it was pretty secure prior. I'm glad its off though. It was a little gross! Do I ckean with alcohol or just soap and water?
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  • Clean with alcohol if it's still oozing.
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  • I accidentally pulled off my LOs at around 1.5 weeks old. The dr said it wouldn't have been able to come off if it wasn't about ready. Hers oozed quite a bit so the dr ended up cauterizing it. It's been fine since.
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  • Don't use soap and water. Clean with alcohol is bleeding or oozing. It will help to dry it out


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    It probably wouldn't have come off so easily if it wasn't ready. I think it's fine!

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